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What's on your mind? One of the best ways to reach me is through social media. In fact, I prefer to communicate through social media because we'll be able to stay connected after we chat! Plus, emails sometimes get lost in my inbox and I'd hate to miss your message!

Some reasons to connect:
  •  Recommend a guest for the podcast
  •  Send me a question about management/leadership
  •  Request more information on the training provided at
  •  Provide some suggestions for or the Your Best Manager podcast.
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How can I help you?
My Expertise:
  • Leadership Coaching: Schedule a call to learn about one-on-one coaching opportunities.
  • First-Time Manager Training: Chat with me about on-site and virtual training classes, workshops, or development programs.
  • Speaking: Give me a call to talk about your next event. Some topics I am happy to speak on include; Manager Positioning & Productivity, Shoulder-to-Shoulder Leadership, and Employee Engagement through Goal-Setting. I would also be happy to cover any topic discussed on the Your Best Manager podcast.