There Are Only 3 Reasons...
They Don't Know, They Don't Care, or They Aren't Capable
Get Your Team Firing On All Cylinders
When one employee is struggling, your whole team is struggling. The question is, how do you address it? Perhaps you should wait it out and see if anythign changes. Perhaps you should be switft and remove them from your team. Maybe they need a kick in the butt, maybe they need more training, or maybe they're in the wrong role. There are only 3 reasons why employees underperform. The trick is to figure out which reason it is... and then address it.
Understand the 3 reasons why employees underperform and learn the 3 biggest performance management mistakes.
Diagnose why your employee is failing to meet expectations and validate their desire to succeed and willingness to improve.
Make the decision to invest in further training, to re-position according to strengths, or to terminate & remove from them from the team.
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Date: Thursday, October 5th, 2017
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Hosted by Jamie Newman

Founder of and host of the Your Best Manager podcast.
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