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Your Best Manager

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Fully Engaged in 10 Days

Fully Engaged in 10 Days 

There is nothing worse than trying to lead a team of employees who don't want to be there. Equally, there is nothing better than managing a team that's Fully Engaged. That's why I created this course, Fully Engaged in 10 Days - Learn Three CRITICAL Components to Increasing Employee Engagement on Your Team.

...Because who wouldn't want their employees to come into work FIRED UP, every day?

Fully Engaged in 10 Days

Now that I've given you a quick overview, take a look at the course outline below.

Fully Engaged in 10 Days - Course Outline


  • Day 1 - Why You Need to Have Direction and Passion
  • Day 2 - The Impact of a Vulnerable Leader
  • Day 3 - Your Unique Journey
  • Day 4 - Why You Must Value Your Team


  • Day 5 - Goal Setting 101
  • Day 6 - Integrating Personal and Professional Goals
  • Day 7 - Employee Motivation


  • Day 8 - Setting Expectations
  • Day 9 - Communicating the Team Vision
  • Day 10 - Don't Waste Your Time

What Will You Learn from the Course?

Without giving it all away at once, this management course will teach you how to build credability & loyalty, set goals, motivate your team, and create a team identity that resonates with your employees.


Manage Your Team with Direction and Purpose

Your Team

Build Strong and Meaningful Relationships.

Your Team Goals

Set and Accomplish Meaningful Goals (You and Your Employees)

Your Team Identity

Create and Set Expectations that Actually Gets Your Team Fired Up!

About the Instructor, Jamie Newman

Jamie is the Founder of and the Host of the Your Best Manager podcast available on iTunes, where he interviews Senior Managers and Leadership Experts.

He has spent the past 8 years helping companies hire people and manage the performance of contract employees. He has worked with front-line supervisors, senior managers, and directors at Engineering Firms, Major Energy Producers and other Fortune 100 Companies.

Through this experience, he was exposed to the successes and challenges of various people management styles through multiple levels of leadership.

Jamie also managed a team of his own where he was responsible for onboarding, training, development, motivation, discipline, and project management.

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