An 8-Week Leadership Development Program

Starting Tuesday August 1st 2017

Next LIVE Leadership Masterclass

Thursday July 20th @ 2pm Eastern

What if all it took to transform your team, your business, your career, your influence... was just 8 weeks of focus?

You are capable of reaching your potential and accomplishing great things as a leader. 

Whether you are about to be promoted into your first management role, or you are a first-time manager with less than a few years under your belt, or you are an experienced manager with some stories of your own to share... 

There are incredible opportunities in front of you. Opportunities to grow, to develop, to influence, to create, to inspire, to care, and to become the type of person who doesn't just get things done, but is someone who makes the lives of the people you touch, better.

And this only requires three commitments to...

1. Operate 'DIFFERENT' --> Great Managers Aren't Just Better, They Do Things Differently.

2. Lead 'SHOULDER-to-SHOULDER' --> Operating Different is About Shoulder-to-Shoulder Leadership. You Are Most Effective When You Are Leading From The Front-Lines, With Your Team, Getting Your Hands Dirty and Coaching Through Showing, Not Telling.

3. Get In 'POSITION' --> Shoulder-to-Shoulder Leadership is Accomplished Through Positioning. It's About Executing a Plan Each Day That Maximizes Productivity, Saves Time, and Increased Team Performance.

Not Sure How To Get Started?

Welcome to DIFFERENT.

What's Included in 'DIFFERENT'?

Program Start Date: Tuesday August 1st 2017

Program End Date: Tuesday September 26th 2017

Duration: 8 Weeks

Delivery Method: Online Learning (via password protected membership site)

What’s Included: 

  • 8 Video Lectures (1 per week)
  • Weekly activities and related assignments
  • Weekly quizes to test your learning
  • Weekly Group Q&A Live Video Conference Call
  • Workbook (and weekly worksheets)
  • Certificate of Completion (Completed quizzes and workbook required)


  • Week 1: You, Your Team, Your Goals
  • Week 2: How to Build a Vision & Team Identity
  • Week 3: How to Build Trust Fast
  • Week 4: How to Motivate through Goal-Setting
  • Week 5: POSITIONING - How to Develop Your Ideal Operating Rhythm
  • Week 6: SHOULDER-to-SHOULDER Management (Fundamentals of Management)
  • Week 7: How to Build & Develop Your Network (Including relationship building with your boss)
  • Week 8: How to Move Forward (Increase Influence, Grow Your Career)  

Who is this for: Managers and Management Teams 

Number of Seats Available: Program will be capped at 50 participants

Access to Course Content: Lifetime Program

Program Value: $997


Access to the 'Everything You Need' Template Library

Email templates, meeting templates, goal-setting templates, business planning templates, team vision & identity templates, etc.

Jamie has put in the work to create professionally designed templates to help you manage and communicate more effectively so that you can spend your time leading rather than drafting documents and building your own worksheets and templates.

Access to Course Content: Lifetime Program

Template Library Value: $497


Access to Personal Coaching from Jamie Newman

Email templates, meeting templates, goal-setting templates, business planning templates, team vision & identity templates, etc.

Jamie has put in the work to create professionally designed templates to help you manage and communicate more effectively so that you can spend your time leading rather than drafting documents and building your own worksheets and templates.

Access to Course Content: Lifetime Program

Coaching Value: $1997

Live Training | Your Best Manager


8 Live Community Calls / Workshops

Each week, Jamie will coordinate a live community video conference call where members can ask questions and receive additional training and coaching.

These live training calls will be recorded and added to the program members-only site.

Additional Training Value: $1297


The Ultimate Manager's Guide to Hiring Great People

Great leaders hire great people, and being able to find and hire the right people can be the difference between stress free or stress filled management. Jamie has taken his 8+ years of recruiting experience and put together a complete course on that each participant will have access to.

Additional Training Value: $95


30-Day Guarantee!

If you are not satisfied with the program after the first 4 weeks, let me know and I will refund your entire registration fee! That means that you have half of the program to decide if this training is right for you. I'd call that RISK FREE!

Total Program Value: $4,883 USD

Your Price Today: $997 USD 

or 3 monthly payments of $397

Q. Can I register multiple people for the ‘Different’ program or does each person need to register on their own?  

A. Yes, you can register as many people as you would like. There is a max of 50 spots available for this program, but if you are registering that many people… maybe just give me a call to chat ;)  

Q. Is there a cap to how many people can join?  

A. Yes - 50 participants, max. So if you want in...  

Q. If I register some of my managers, how do I hold them accountable to actually complete to course?  

A. In order to actually earn the certificate of completion, all weekly quizzes must be passed and a completed workbook must be turn in. That being said, I talk about this in week one, but I recommend each manager’s boss to be involved during the 8 weeks and the weekly activities are designed to allow for that interaction with senior leadership.  

Q. After registering, when do I get to access the program content?  

A. The program will be starting August 1st but each participant will receive their login information one week prior. Additionally, some of the resources will be available earlier. The ‘Ultimate Manager’s Guide to Hiring Great People’ should be available by the end of next week and if you took advantage of the registration bonus, you will receive your career guide one month prior to program start.  

Q. I know it’s an 8-week program, but how long do I get access to the program for?  

A. You will have lifetime access to the program content. I will be running this 8 week program again, and so you will be able to participate again in the future for free… and in between, all of the videos, worksheets, activities, etc. will be available in the members area of the program website. This also means that you will have access to new content that is developed and added to the program over time.  

Q. What kind of results can I expect from the “Different” program  

A. That, in part, depends on you. A big focus of week one will be setting your own personal goals for the 8 week program and I can help you to put together some realistic goals or expectations. But each business and team will be measured differently, so success for you may look different than for others.  

Q. Can I access all of the video lectures once the program starts?  

A. No, I may consider changing things in the future, but each week, new content will be available and in order to access the new content, you must complete a quiz (for instance, week 2 content will be available during week 2, but only if you have completed the quiz for week 1). Once the program is complete, you will have lifetime access to the entire content library.  

Q. What happens if I miss a week?  

A. Nothing. You will still have access to me for coaching during the 8 week time period, so if you are a week or two behind and you’d like some help, that’s not a problem.  

Q. What happens if I miss one of the live calls or workshops you mentioned during the program?  

A. Each of the live calls/video calls/live training videos will be recorded and available to watch afterward. The live video is helpful so that you can have questions answered in real time, but if you miss one of them, don’t worry, you will have access to it afterward.  

Q. Do you have any past results from this program that you can share?  

A. I do not have specific results from the ‘Different’ program because this will be the first time I am running this program. That’s one of the reasons it is so heavily discounted down from the $4883 I have valued it at. With that said, I have been coaching and teaching this “Shoulder to Shoulder” philosophy and my positioning technique for years through my past corporate consulting work and one-on-one mentoring/coaching.  

*Please also remember that I am offering a 30-day money back guarantee. If you get 4 weeks into the 8 week program and you are not satisfied with your results, let me know and you'll get a complete refund :)  

Q. Why are you charging in US dollars, when you are in Canada?  

A. Right now, the Your Best Manager podcast is listened to in 72 countries (Yes, that’s crazy), but almost 65% of my audience is in the United States. So that’s the main reason why I’ve chosen to use U.S. dollars. Additionally, the tools, software, and licenses that I use to support the online learning platform where the program is hosted is billed to me in U.S. dollars, so it makes the basic math and accounting easier for me.

How Managers Can Use 'POSITIONING' to Save Time & Increase Productivity WITHOUT Getting Overwhelmed by Lengthy To-Do Lists and Confusing Time Management Techniques

Thursday July 20th at 2pm Eastern / 12pm Mountain

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