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Hey, my name is Jamie Newman, and I want to tell you about a journey I’m on right now. 

It’s a journey that isn’t always fun, isn’t always easy, and isn’t always safe.

It’s a journey that’s important though. I didn’t realize just how important it was when I started out, but now that I’m on my way, I recognize the opportunity in front of me… and it’s incredible.

It’s also a journey where I’m going to need your help.
A LEADER'S JOURNEY: It's about taking your people to a better place... and evenly distributing that ownership and responsibility among the team.
One of the unique things about a leader’s journey is that leaders are rarely alone.

They also carry a burden.

Leader’s have a responsibility to take their people to a better place.

...take a look at the photo below and tell me what’s wrong with it.
It’s obvious. 

The entire responsibility to get to a better place is resting on the shoulders of the leader.

Now take a look at this second image.
Looks a little better, doesn’t it?

The weight of responsibility (let’s call it “ownership”) is now evenly distributed.

One of the dangers of leadership is looking at the journey ahead and saying, "it’s my job to take my people to a better place" (← which it is).

AND I don’t need any help from the people I’m leading.

↑ That’s simply not true ↑
You are reliant on the strengths of the people on your team, just like your team is reliant on your strengths as a leader
THE JOURNEY I'M ON: There have been over 60 of the world's top leadership minds who have contributed to the Your Best Manager podcast, a show that is listened to in 81 countries!
First of all, I’m not alone.

I’m on a journey with over 60 of the world’s top leadership experts and a journey that's shared with thousands of people over 80 countries around the world.

It’s a journey to help managers take their people to a better place.

It's a journey to create a platform...
An online resource where managers can learn how to build and lead fully engaged and highly successful teams.
You’ve probably heard some of the alarming statistics about low employee engagement in today’s workplaces.

Did you know that according to Gallup research, only 35% of U.S. managers are engaged in their jobs?

The business report breaks it down like this:
  •  51% of managers are not engaged; 14% are actively disengaged
  •  Disengaged managers create disengaged employees
  •  Only 30% of U.S. workers are engaged
Not by changing workplace culture or advising companies to incorporate more fresh fruit and ping-pong tables into the office.

I’m on a journey to change that by studying leadership and then teaching as many people as I can reach how to do it better.

Because what if that 35% of engaged managers turned into maybe 40%? What if it turned into 50%? What about 75%?


Well, let me ask you this:

Is everyone on your team fully engaged?

How about the people who work for your customers and suppliers? Are they fully engaged?

So what do you think could happen if, together, we moved the needle on those statistics?

That’s the journey I’m on.

...and I can’t do it alone.
I need your help.
YourBestManager.com is broken down into essentially two categories.

The Podcast and The Training.
The podcast is how I reach people. 
The training is how I help people take action on the changes they wish to make.

That’s where I’d like your help (The Podcast).

The Your Best Manager podcast is a completely free resource to listeners.

Unfortunately, it’s not free to produce.

In fact, when I consider the equipment costs, hosting fees, training programs, and the minimal marketing costs… I’ve spent over $10,000 getting this show started.

Additionally, I spend hours each week reaching out to potential guests, writing the show scripts, editing the audio, producing the episodes, and putting together the show notes.

I love it.

It’s worth it... YOU, the listener, are worth it.

That said, I have some aspirations for the podcast and for YourBestManager.com:
  • Better Equipment: I'd like to upgrade some of my podcasting equipment and get some new equipment (i.e. a mixer, a field mic, a legit webcam, etc.)
  •  Better Design & Audio: I'd like to hire some design and audio engineering help
  • Better Music: I'd like to buy more high quality music and sound bites for each show
  •  Better Marketing: I'd like to reach more people through advertising and online marketing
  •  Better Training: I'd like to continue putting together and improving the leadership training and programs offered at YourBestManager.com
  •  Better Productivity: I'd like to hire and build a team of passionate, dedicate, leadership thinkers and teachers to help me deliver better podcasts and better training.
  •  And I'd like to continue doing all of this for a very long time!
So here's what I'm asking for...
If you enjoy the show and you believe in the journey as much as I do, I'd like you to become a Your Best Manager Partner.

For just $1.25 USD per episode ($5/month), you can help me continue to grow and improve the Your Best Manager podcast and the services offered at YourBestManager.com!

Additionally, you will get access to a special partners-only members area of YourBestManager.com which includes:
  • Bonus Content: Exclusive videos, blog posts, podcast episodes, templates, etc.)
  • Discounts: Partners will get exclusive discounts off of any training offered (current or future) through YourBestManager.com
  • Early Access and sneak peaks into new projects I'm working on
Oh, and one more thing! 

My partners are my trusted advisors.

I’m not simply looking for financial help. I want to improve. I want to get better.

So within the partners-only members area, there’s a suggestions comment section where you can post any ideas you have for the show. Potential guests I could reach out to, topics you think I should cover, questions you’d like me to answer, and opportunities for me to improve the show quality.

On my leadership journey, I don’t want to be this guy
I’ll be honest, it’s uncomfortable to ask for help. It’s uncomfortable to say I can’t do this alone.

I also know that what’s most important is providing value to the aspiring leaders, first-time managers, experienced leaders, business owners, hr professionals, and executive professionals who listen to the show.

...people just like you!

Thanks for your time.

-Jamie Newman
P.S. - if you're skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was... for just $5, you're getting to help me produce the Your Best Manager podcast AND getting special access to bonus content, training discounts, and sneak peaks of new projects through YourBestManager.com!
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