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Jamie Newman,
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"This entire coaching program is about one thing and one thing only. GETTING YOU RESULTS. where do you want to take your team?"
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Template Library
All The Tools You Need!
The 'Everything You Need' Template Library is packed with templates, PDF downloads, strategy documents, and worksheets to help you accomplish your goals, increase your communication and save time!
One-on-One Coaching
Complete Access To Your Coach
During 'Office Hours', connect with Jamie Newman via phone, video call, email, or live chat. Get all the support and accountability you need to achieve great results!
Weekly Live Workshops
Additional Training and Q&A
Join a live video call, every week, for additional training, instruction, and live Q&A. Join the call live and chat with other members, or watch the recording in the members area!
Online Course
Hire Great People
The Ultimate Manager's Guide to Hiring Great People. Find Applicants, Identify Promising Candidates, Screen & Interview Potential Employees, and Make Great Hiring Decisions!
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Career Planning Guide
Uncover Your Leadership Potential
Discover new opportunities, evaluate your team, understand your skills, identify your why, and uncover your potential. This 24-Page Career Planning Guide will walk you through a complete 360 Degree Look at Your Career & Leadership Potential!
Performance Management Masterclass
Why Employees Underperform
There are only 3 reasons why employees underperform. They don't know, they don't care, or they aren't capable. But which reason is it? And once you've properly diagnosed the issue, how do you fix it? Participate in this online masterclass to find out!
15-Day Leadership Challenge
Take Massive Action in just 5 Minutes a Day!
I challenge you to do one small thing, EVERY DAY, for 15 Days! In less than 5 minutes a day, you can make BIG CHANGE happen through a series of small things, brought together. Audio, Video, and Email Version Included + 15-Day Checklist.
Limited Time Bonus!
We all set goals.

Then, we get busy.

Then, we end up frustrated by a lack of progress.

There must be a better way…

Luckily, there is.
It’s called The Freedom Journal: a gorgeous, faux-leather journal that will guide you in accomplishing your #1 goal in 100 days.

The Freedom Journal is a UNIQUE step-by-step system that will guide you in accomplishing YOUR #1 goal in 100 days by:

Creating goals the RIGHT way (using the S.M.A.R.T. Goals system);
Being held accountable DAILY through affirmations, quotes, resources, documenting progress, and reflecting;
Breaking BIG goals down into smaller, bite-sized chunks via the 10-day sprints (micro goals);
Conducting quarterly reviews (every 25 days – take a look back and reflect); and
Maintaining a GOAL-oriented mindset.

And yes, The Freedom Journal is beautiful:

So if you want to set and accomplish your #1 goal in 100 days, then join 'DIFFERENT' today!

You can think of it like your own personal accountability partner! :)

Yes, I want my copy of The Freedom Journal!

Happy goal-setting!
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What if all it took to transform your team, your business, your career, your influence... was just 8 weeks of focus?
  • Week One: You. Your Team. Your Goals.
  •  Week Two: How to Build a Team Vision, Mission & Identity
  •  Week Three: How to Build Trust Fast
  •  Week Four:  How to Motivate & Engage Through Goal Setting
  •  Week Five: Positioning: How to Develop Your Ideal Operating Rhythm
  •  Week Six: Shoulder-to-Shoulder Leadership & Task Management
  •  Week Seven: How to Build & Develop Your Network
  •  Week Eight: Moving Forward (Your 90-Day Plan)
Full Lifetime Access + Certificate of Completion

The Complete 'DIFFERENT.' Program, including bonuses, is valued well over $5000 and publicly discounted to $997 $1297...


Enrollment Closes at 11:59PM EST, Friday August 18th
The next enrollment period will be in November/December 2017
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The TOP 5 Frequently Asked Questions:
  • QUESTION: What happens if I am not available for all 8 weeks? What if I miss a week or can't start right away?
  •  ANSWER: When you join 'DIFFERENT', you get lifetime access to all of the content, so you won't miss a thing. Each week, the next lesson will be available for you in the members area, so if you miss a week or start late, you will still have access to all of the material, lectures, resources, etc.
  • QUESTION: What happens if I miss one of the live workshops / Q&A video calls?
  •  ANSWER: Each live workshop will be recorded and uploaded into the members area. Of course, if you do not join live, you won't be able to have your questions answered live... but you can reach out to me (Jamie) anytime to get your specific questions answered.
  • QUESTION: What kind of results can I expect from the 'DIFFERENT' program?
  •  ANSWER: Your results will be based on the goals that you set at the beginning of the 8 week program. During week 1, you will be creating a 90-day plan, based on what's important to you, in your business. I am available to help you to set realistic goals up front, and in week 4, you will be getting very specific training on how to set SMART goals. At the end of the day, every person will have different results because each business and team is different. This program is designed to help you analyze where you are TODAY so that 8 weeks from the start of this program, you are not only in a better place, but you are continuing to progress even after the 8 weeks are completed
  •  QUESTION: What happens after the 8 weeks?
  • ANSWER: At the end of the 8 weeks, you will continue to have lifetime access to the members area. In fact, this 8-week program is ongoing, which menas that means that there will be a new live workshop / Q&A call EVERY WEEK! In the future, this program will likely be subscription based, but since you will be joining now as a lifetime member, you get everything that 'DIFFERENT' has to offer... well... forever, I suppose!
  •  QUESTION: What if I'm not a manager yet? Is this program for me?
  •  ANSWER: Absolutely! We already have students in the program who are not yet managing a team. Of course, this program is designed to help managers take their people to a better place... so if you don't have people to take, much of the goals and analysis you do at the beginning and end of the program will be personal development and preparation for a career in management/leadership. Remember, you'll have complete access to me (Jamie) throughout the 8 weeks, so I can help you customize the training to your specific goals and situation.
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